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My Top 10 Least Favorite TV Show Episodes by PurfectPrincessGirl My Top 10 Least Favorite TV Show Episodes by PurfectPrincessGirl
I've been feeling pretty low on drawing inspiration lately...and bored :P. So, I went and looked around for a little meme to do to pass the time...and that was where I stumbled onto this little meme in particular sithvampiremaster27.deviantart…, which looked interesting to I filled it out, and so I've decided to present the filled out version of this meme for you all to view. These..are my Top 10 Least Favorite TV Show Episodes, which basically means a list of episodes from my favorite TV shows that I just so happen to not be a complete fan of/annoyed me to an extent/or simply just flat out DISLIKE. Now keep in mind...I know I've said this over a million times in my other memes I filled out...but just because I happen to dislike a few of these episodes, it DOES NOT mean I dislike YOU as a person if you just so happen to like a few of these episodes. These are all just my own personal opinions, so please just try to respect that, and we can all go about our day in peace...:floating:

Oooookay, now we can go onto the list:

10) "iMeet Fred" (ICarly): Now I don't completely HATE this episode...but it always did sort of bug me/annoy me at some parts :/. Basically, the main premise was that during an ICarly skit, Freddie keeps getting annoyed when Sam and Carly kept laughing and demanding to show various youtube clips of internet-star Fred (aka the youtuber with the annoying chipmunk voice). Getting tired of this, Freddie flat out admits to the world (via-the camera) that he just doesn't find Fred all that funny (believe me, I side with him on this one...*shudder*). Suddenly, this results in the Fred character telling all his viewers how much his feelings were hurt by Freddie's words, and thus he's never making another Fred video again. This however, is not taken very lightly by those who view the show, as during the rest of the episode, pretty much everyone basically bashes on and makes Freddie's life miserable all because he doesn't like Fred, which escalades in him and the rest of the ICarly gang going to Lucas Cruikshank (aka the original creator/actor of Fred)'s place, and forcing Freddie to tell the internet star that he's sorry for voicing his opinion and that he's actually "Really Funny" (when it's clear that's not at all the case..:no:). Only to find out that in the end, Lucas' little upset rant was all just to ruse to garner in more popularity for both his own show and the ICarly show itself. Now alright, I gotta admit that IS a bit of a clever move, and it has been done plenty of times in real life...(I think it happened for NC and AVGN before...I don't remember), I just still feel very annoyed at this episode for all the needless Freddie bashing in several parts of the episode...making me feel kinda bad for him the whole time :/

9) "Troq" (Teen Titans): It's been awhile since I've actually seen this episode...but I always felt pretty bad for Starfire in this one, for all the bad verbal abuse she went through thanks to one alien prick Val-Yor. Why do you ask? Well, basically throughout the episode Val-Yor (while he's supposed to be aiding the Teen Titans during some sort of mission) constantly refers to Starfire as "Troq" (which, in his world, is a racial slur used against Tamaraneans which literally translates to "Nothing"). At first the other Titans are too busy with the mission to really pay attention to this (with the slight exception of Cyborg, who at first mistakes the name "Troq" as just a little nickname for Starfire). When the gang DOES find out, they all get pretty pissed at Val-Yor, banning him from their group affiliations. Val-Yor does try to "thank" Starfire, calling her one of the "Good Ones", which was still considered pretty racist and thus he leaves Earth for good. All in all, I didn't downright HATE this episode...I mean it was trying to teach a moral lesson about Racism and such..but still..:/

8) "Just the Two of Us" (Fairly Odd Parents): If you ask me...this episode was kind of like a big "middle finger" to Timmy x Trixie shippers...and not in a good way :no:. The whole premise of the show is that, after wishing every living person on the planet was gone (save himself and his beloved, Trixie Tang), Timmy tries to use this opportunity to impress Trixie and become her new best friend as they spend their own private time together. Things however, start going downhill when Trixie...for some reason...starts going attention-whore crazy and tries to chase down Timmy like some sort of insane-psycho b*tch. Eventually things do resolve back to normal, but not without Timmy getting...yet again, snubbed by the lovely popular girl. All in all, this episode was pretty much one of my least favorite episodes of the series, not just because of me being a bit of a Timmy x Trixie fan, but because of how "Overly Exaggerated" Trixie's character became in this episode, making her even more obsessive and crazy then Tootie (and that's saying alot :XD:). BUUUUT...I DID have some favorite moments in the episode that made me kinda chuckle..such as Chester McBadbat crossdressing for a Skating-Couple Competition thingie ("You better call me after this!" :lol:), as well as a few other scenes :giggle:. So yeah, I don't completely HATE this episode...but it still kinda bugged me you know?

7) "Silent Angelica" (Rugrats): Honestly, I think this is one of the more "mean-spirited" episodes the show has created. Look, Angelica may not be my favorite character...but some of the stuff she went through in this episode was pretty harsh if you ask me :/. Basically, the whole premise is that Charlotte promises her daughter Angelica that she will buy her a new Cynthia toy if she promises to keep silent for a whole hour (I think). Angelica at first has no problems with this...but then that's where the Babies came in, constantly pestering Angelica (who is trying her hardest to keep quiet and patient) and making it worse and harder for her to keep her mother's promise. Then it all escalates into Angelica losing her temper and yelling at the babies to shut up, only to then get reprimanded by her parents for not keeping quiet, and therefore not granting her wish of getting the Cynthia toy she wanted. Now look, I know the Babies are well..just babies, and they can't help themselves when they got curious and tried to play with Angelica...but I don't blame her for losing her temper with them (if somebody kept trying to pester me and bug me during something important, I think I'd probably snap too). So overall, I don't really HATE this episode either...but it was still pretty mean-spirited if you ask me :/

6) "Putting Your Hoof Down" (MLP: FiM): Alot of people before me have ranted how much they hated this episode...and I honestly can't blame them :no:. This episode was really just a big annoyance to me, for more then one reason. Why is it annoying? Well, the whole premise is supposed to be that Fluttershy, being such a doormat, can't learn to say no to her pet rabbit Angel, prompting her to go ALL the way out to the market to cater to his needs. From there, Fluttershy keeps getting conned, snubbed, and used by a variety of market ponies, which brings the attention of Rarity and Pinkie Pie. They attempt to help their friend by giving her lessons on how to be assertive, but it doesn't end well as Fluttershy ends up messing it up for herself, and resulting in Angel KICKING her out of the house out of pure spoiled-brattiness. The yellow pegasus tries to fix her ways by going to an Assertive-ness seminar taught by minotaur Iron-Will, who uses abrasive but still effective training methods to teach the shy pony how to be assertive. At first this seems to work well...until Fluttershy ends up turning into a flat-out bully in town-square, dumping trash on two cart-ponies when they blocked the bridge (which she could've easily flown over), beating up another pony for a position in a cab-carriage, and even to the point of kicking a tourist pony into a silo just because she so happened to accidentally drop her mail in a mud-puddle. Rarity and Pinkie Pie are appalled by their friend's behavior, trying to talk with her to get her to stop, but Fluttershy doesn't listen and she ends up flat out mocking and berating them for their own special talents, what they live for, and their overall lifestyles. She did however learn her lesson in the end and apologized for her behavior...but still, I was pretty upset at Shy in this episode..and I don't think my feelings would change about this episode any time soon...:X

5) "Arthur's Big Hit" (Arthur): What else can I say about this episode then...poor Artur :(. After buying himself a model-plane and spending hours trying to perfect it, his nosy sister D.W. keeps bugging him and asking to play with it, which he firmly tells her NO. But of course, not taking his words to heart, D.W. ends up foolishly playing around and accidentally breaking it in the process, causing Arthur to lose his temper and punch his sister right in the arm. If that wasn't bad enough, pretty much EVERYONE ends up (for some reason) taking D.W.'s side (his parents, classmates, and even BUSTER of all people), and telling Arthur how wrong he was for hitting his "poor precious baby sissy" :roll:. This then results in Arthur getting punched in the end by Binky, apparently getting his "just desserts" for being such an "OH SO CRUEL MONSTER" to his sister earlier. UGH! I gotta admit, I really REALLY hated D.W. in this episode...what a backstabbing little brat XC

4) "A Pal for Gary" (Spongebob Squarepants): Probably my most hated episode in the whole series, I really couldn't help but feel sorry for Gary the snail in this episode...this little guy went through so much unnecessary character bashing in this episode :(. Not only that, Spongebob was a freaking IDIOT in this episode, being so foolish as to buy a "Companion Pet" Puffy Fluffy to keep Gary company when he's at work. And even though Puffy turned out to be nothing but a monster and a danger to Gary, Spongebob flat out ignores everything, being so blinded by Puffy's "cuteness" (which honestly, I see no cuteness in this little monster) and his own exaggerated stupidity. It only gets worse when Puffy, in the middle of the night, transforms into a hideous monster that tries to eat Gary alive...and even AFTER Spongebob sees that RIGHT in front of him...he STILL berates Gary for harming Puffy Fluffy...XC. And even after Gary ends up saving his life and chases Puffy away, Spongebob STILL ends up punishing him, taking away the freedom he so dearly deserves. All in all...a truly awful episode that I do NOT wish to view again anytime soon...:X

3) "I Only Have Surprise for You" (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends): One of the few episodes that really made me get pissed OFF at Bloo, and feel nothing but pure sympathy for Mac the whole way through :(. The whole episode itself is about Mac trying all he can to avoid getting surprise party pranked by Bloo on his own birthday, only to reveal that the whole "surprise party" was apparently for an imaginary friend named "Arty". Mac ends up feeling horrible guilt for that, and (by Bloo's suggestion) he tries making it up to Arty by dressing up as a goofy Clown and making an apparent fool of himself right in front of him. Things end up going fine for a moment...until it is revealed that all of that was one big prank, and that the ENTIRE Foster home (even MADAME FOSTER of all people) was in on it to humiliate him, pointing and laughing at him on his own damn birthday. Now look, I know Bloo has done a whole bunch of asshole-ish things in the past, but even then I would usually just roll my eyes and give a little chuckle at his immature antics. But here...HERE was where it was shown how much of a total JERK Bloo can be, to even think of humiliating his own best-friend/creator on his own freaking birthday of all things. Just...just WOW! :X

2) "If It Smells Like An Ed" (Ed Edd n Eddy): A two-parter "mystery-solving" episode that made really made me feel betrayed at the sudden twist near the end. Basically, the whole story was that Jimmy, after setting up a huge "Friendship Day" thing for all his friends, Eddy and his two pals walk on in, and Eddy (being the asshole as always) ends up humiliating the little guy by giving him an atomic wedgie in front of all of the Cul-De-Sac kids, ending up in everyone laughing at him (even Double D and Ed...though honestly I don't really blame them ^^;), and him being humiliated as ever. Then everything goes downhill, when all 3 of the Eds are pinned as criminals for Ruining Friendship Day, Stabbing a hockey stick into the heart-float, wiping off Plank's mouth, stealing Sarah's paintbrush, and the list goes on and on. Through the episode the Eds try to clear their name by solving the mysteries as they go on...only for it to be revealed that it was JIMMY who set them up the whole time, intending on getting back at ALL of them (when it was CLEARLY only Eddy's fault...the other two really didn't DO anything :( ) for humiliating him on such an important day. The Eds are then caught and shamed by the Cul-De-Sac kids via-throwing fruit at their faces, and it appears that they were now off the hook. That is...until the dreaded Kankers shows up, and then drags the poor boys off to further torture them some more. Granted, Jimmy DID sorta get his comeuppance by slipping on that banana peel right before the credits...but even then I still felt that he deserved MUCH more for that :no:

1) "Town and Out" (The Powerpuff Girls): An episode that was supposed to be giving good-intentioned moral lessons...but it was still pretty painful to watch for those who are big PPG fans. The entire episode mainly revolved around the Utonium family moving to Citysville for a new life away from Townsville (after the Professor got himself a new job...or something along those lines). At first the family seems ecstatic for their new lives, but then the hustle and bustle of the city starts to weigh on the girls. From getting picked on for their choice of clothing on the school bus, to being bullied in the classroom by some rude students, to being forbidden by the teacher to try and leave the classroom to stop a serious crime a few blocks away. Things only get worse when the girls try to make a good impression by attempting to stop some robbers from escaping with a large sum of money...only to accidentally make things worse (though admittedly, some of that part was kinda funny lol). After getting chewed out by Citysville's mayor, the girls (now banned from using their powers EVER in the city) tredge their way back home, expressing their grief to their father, who at first seems too chipper by his new job to pay attention to their troubles...but then even HE reveals that he deep down HATES his new job (his co-workers apparently harrass and tease him at the office, I think that's what he said). So, with a mutual agreement, the Utonium family pack up their things and move on back to Townsville, never to go back to the dreaded city ever again.

Again, I know the episode was trying to show a valuable lesson about what would've happened if the Powerpuffs tried to use their superpowers in a real-life setting like in the city...but still, it was kinda painful to watch in some parts ^^;

Here are also some Dis-Honorable Mentions that didn't make the list...

1) "Everyone Knows It's Bendy"/"Imposter's home, Made-Up Pals" (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (Two mean-spirited episodes with unnecessary character bashing...but I didn't have enough room to add them both into the list :shrug:)
2) "Moral Decay" (Powerpuff Girls) (It was painful for me as a Buttercup-Fan to see Buttercup become such an antagonist in this episode...but admittedly she did deserve some punishment at the end for her actions in the episode, and it was trying to showcase one of her character flaws: Greed. So yeah, I couldn't bring myself to add this one in onto the list...:shrug:)
3) "Boo Haw Haw" (Ed Edd n Eddy) (Actually, this wasn't really a bad episode for the most part...I actually thoroughly enjoyed most of it. It was just the ending that was pretty bad for me...seriously, why did Eddy and Double D get beat up in the end? It was Ed's own fault in the beginning! :facepalm:)
4) "Doctor's Disorders" (Danny Phantom) (The beginning and middle of the episode wasn't too bad if you ask me...just the ending was kinda mean-spirited. Poor Tucker...getting left behind by his best buds in the hospital while being locked up to some crazy old fart...:( )
5) "One Coarse Meal" (Spongebob) (heard it was pretty terrible according to some other fan reviews, so I'm gonna try and play it safe and avoid this one...:fear:)
6) "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" (MLP: FiM) (Don't really particular care much for this episode...but yeah I can understand why alot of people thought of this episode as really bad :no:)
7) Some other episodes I can't remember at the moment...

And in case your wondering why episodes like "The Great Divide" (from Avatar: TLA), and/or "Face-Freeze"/"Squidward In Clarinet-Land" (from Spongebob) aren't on this list....well, to be honest I don't find those episodes really all that bad :shrug:

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FreshlyBaked2014 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Personally, I find Lucas's plan nonsense. Get his show and iCarly more popular by claiming he's done? Sure, it worked, but that attention was hatred. Is hatred for popularity really a good idea?
PurfectPrincessGirl Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I wouldn't think so...guess he didn't think it through :P
E-guardias Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Putting your hood down was a great episode.
PurfectPrincessGirl Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
If you say so :shrug:
LittleFlowerDash Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll always hate DW. She's just so annoying, and never says "Thanks" to what Arthur does for her. In an episode she was going to make an omeraton (escuse my english) and Arthur was really good with her. After all that Arthur did for her in that day, she said when they got a bit of her blood "I bet Arthur would cry like a baby" or I don't know how (Saw the episode in my language). I understand that a lot of boys are hating their younger sisters and the younger sisters are hating them too, but DW is too bad.
PurfectPrincessGirl Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I know right?
LittleFlowerDash Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I mean really, she can't only once say "Thanks" to Arthur? He hit her because she broke his plain. And it wasn't by intention. Everybody is doing it. I remember punching one of my friends for breaking my favorite pen! Believe me, the perfect episode would be one where DW would say "Sorry"
PurfectPrincessGirl Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Agreed :nod: Too bad the episode didn't go that route..
RealDiegoAmateur Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
it also wants me to torture jeanette mccurdy
PurfectPrincessGirl Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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